In an effort to mobilize younger voters the Obama administration is reportedly considering legalizing Marijuana. “People are just not as excited as last time, and the more younger people that get out to vote the better it will be for us and the future of America,” said Vice President Joe Biden on a campaign stop in a Waffle House in North Carolina, late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

Plans have even gone so far as to draft a legal ‘420’ tender. A currency that would be solely for drug procurement. It would be worth $80 dollars American or 4 x $20 and be able to be traded for “a quarter of pretty decent shit,” according to unnamed white house sources. The currency would feature a picture of famous cannabis advocate and everyones favorite pot head, Willie Nelson in front of an American flag and state on the back, “In Willie We Trust.”

Jade Bos of Hookers or Cake for The Daily Noose

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